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Mihir Dalal
18 September 2023

This app is awesome. I loved it.🤩🤩🤩 But pls add assets and securities such as mutual funds, SIP's, Bonds, etc. Also add sensex and other foreign market indexes and it's stocks.

Rahul Mondal
17 September 2023

Excellent game , best platform to learn trading from zero . Would recommend everyone if you are interested in trading . But developers need to fix some bug and sometimes the game lags on devices so developers please work on it, rest everything is fine and awesome !

Harshit Choudhary
27 April 2023

Best app for learning.. it provides many courses and precised details of market.. for an Indian it's best option as it deals with Indian market and makes it feel real from which learning becomes really easy.

Sandeep Mb
6 October 2023

An ideal APP.

Arnav Vasane
26 August 2023

Nice for learning.

ravi mane
7 February 2023

If you want to learn trading in the market, then try this application the fun is different.. Learn & Earn Superb application .. amazing platform... loved it 😍📉📊📈

Sukrit Bera
20 August 2023

This is one of the best, if not the best app in the Play Store right now if you want to learn about stock market, trading and related stuff, like candle patterns. The virtual account where you can practice trading using real time market data is awesome as well. They even have courses from which you can enhance your learning, and all of these, are completely for FREE. The thing I like most about this app, is that there are no hidden paywalls. All the content is for free here. It' simply awesome.

UmesH Maurya
23 October 2023

Very Useful apps for learning.

Tamajit Saha
19 August 2023

This is the best app to learn a lot about trading and the stock market, and also practice on the virtual account, all for free.

Vasu Pagare
28 April 2023

I just loved the fact that this app provides a proper course of Share Trading in the form of a GAME. It just makes it so easy to know and learn about Share Trading. It helped me a lot to learn about Share Trading. Would definitely recommend using it.

Shubham G
29 June 2023

Great experience. Especially with playable market. Nice job simulating the market.

Mihir Dalal
18 September 2023

This app is awesome. I loved it.🤩🤩🤩 But pls add assets and securities such as mutual funds, SIP's, Bonds, etc. Also add sensex and other foreign market indexes and it's stocks.

Revolutionised Learning:

For a New Generation of Participants

A wealth of knowledge put into experiential learning models, designed for maximum impact and minimum complication, tailored for the multi-tasking modern individual.

  • Learn via Gamification

    Candlesticks, Price Action, and Technical Analysis

  • Evaluate Your Progress

    With Real-Time Feedbacks

  • Build Muscle Memory

    Via Game Based Quizzes

  • Complex F&O concepts simplified via experiential widgets

    Through Gamified Learning

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Sample Before You Dive ALL-IN!

Paper Trade and Build Your

Access a new-age, easy-to-use paper trading terminal. Build your portfolio, take those risky F&O trades, track your positions, hit that STOP LOSS or TARGET PRICE and gain that practical understanding.

  • Get Started with INR 100,000 in virtual currency, on us

    Experiment freely, build your confidence and perfect your strategies

  • Measure Your Progress

    Real-time display of the dashboard and access to your trades via a CSV, so you’re always LEARNING.

  • Sample Across Asset Classes

    Invest in Stocks, Trade in Futures & Options without any financial risks.

  • Access to market analytical tools

    Get direction assistance via tools like market trend predictor, daily market levels and more

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Resources : Traditional

Education, Modern Approach

Trade:able features information-packed courses that bring complicated trading concepts to comprehensible terms so that you learn effectively.

  • Trassary

    Decode complicated trading terms

  • Test Your Competency

    With Personalized Quiz

  • Trading Courses

    Learn via interactive video-based content

  • Advanced Learning

    With enhanced conceptual understanding.

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Apply Your Learnings Through
Data-Backed Ideas

  • Investing Thematics

    Access to model portfolios, thematic investing ideas & more

  • Get access to top broker reports

    Stay-up to date via sector thematic, company research reports, re-imagined

  • Technical & Options Strategies

    Peruse through heavily backtested strategies via F&O and Technical Analysis

  • Customised Strategies

    Build your own, including option to backtest!

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